Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Dimple Pinch

This elegant looking wine. Apparently "The Dimple Pinch" ranks fourth in world sales in the 'blended scotch' sales. I am unsure if this is accurate, as it seems every blended scotch producer makes similar claims that their spirit is in the top 5 somewhere. Anyway, the owners of this brand sell a helluva lot of it, particularly in the United States.

The Dimple does have a following in the US that is pretty large. A lot of ordinary working men enjoy this dram at the end of a day. Whether they be grandads, dads, sons and grandsons, they like their Dimple Pinch, and like it a lot. Why? It's friendly, unpretenious, smooth, sweet, not peaty and quite honeyed. Add ice and it transforms from a loving labrador retriever into a pussy cat. What's not to like? Me, being a total scotch nut, must investigate this passion of so many, and see if I too, can join their ranks.

Nose (undiluted)
Dandelion, malt notes, apple juice and wisps of peat. I mean wisps or was that my imagination? That's how faint it was.

Palate (undiluted)
Sweet Graham crackers, some maltiness, chased by a spiciness that quicky degenerates into graininess. Also an apple cider aspect to this flavor profile.

Finish (undiluted)
The spiciness of the palate that I said turned grainy does not leave on the finish. Down this sweet spirit and you are left with a grainy taste mixed with apple cider. There is some vanilla and oak, but it's stale and reminiscent of the smell you'd suffer when sitting in a taxi, that is supposedly non-smoking. Remnants of stale cigarette smoke, windows up on a hot summer day with car sickness only minutes away.

Price Point
I paid around $33 in New Hampshire for this bottle. Not worth the money. I expected a lot more for the price and for allegedly being a 15 year old blended scotch. No value for money here.

Here's a thought. If you like the sweet, malty flavor profile, and don't mind a little grain flavor, try Cutty Sark. A much more reasonably priced alternative. Nothing special, but it is comfort scotch for when you need it.
General Impressions
This blended scotch is aged 15 years, but tastes much younger. Not a good thing. It exhibits no complexity of flavor. Light body with a sweet cereal or wheat style that leaves the drinker bored and unimpressed. I’d rather stare at a TV test pattern than take another slug of this cheap perfume. Or worse, start reading books recommended by Oprah. Calgon take me away! Far away, to a place where single malts and good blended scotch reign supreme!

There is a Zapruder-esque graininess to it and perfume quality that is very disappointing. I expected a lot more from a 15 year old blend that is supposedly made up of single malts like Lagavulin, Linkwood and Glenkinchie. I could not detect any Lagavulin in this blend at all. I can understand the Glenkinchie, which no doubt contributes the sweet honey entry. As for Linkwood, not detecting it either. I think a lot of grain whisky makes up this blend.

This scotch was clearly styled for the occasional, non-serious scotch fan, who wants a smooth taste, no alcohol bite, and lots of Juicy Fruit gum sweetness. To achieve such a medical flat-liner, middle of the road, mainstream, snorefest, Piers Morgan type of scotch, you have to sacrifice peat, smoke and complexity that would make this spirit interesting. Very easy-drinking, pronounced sweetness, and little else. This is perfectly suited for the vast majority of blended scotch consumers who infrequently drink and want just a friendly, inoffensive nip. If that's you, then I can recommend the Dimple. If you require more from your scotch, like me, then I cannot recommend this whisky.

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